Do It Yourself

I am going to get straight to the chase with you. I want to know if you have ever spent way too much on home decor? You realize your house isn’t as appealing as you would prefer, so you hit up the primitive shop down the road. You only planned on spending 50.00 and end up blowing 200.00. Yikes, sorry wallet! I am here to tell you that throwing this kind of cash at home decorating is simply not necessary. If you have an eye for detail or are willing to obtain one with some effort, you can create your own crafts. You will be amazed at how much you would be saving vs. purchasing  pre-made.
Sometimes I will take a stroll down the craft aisle and glance at the latest trends. I love to be inspired by others, therefore, I am always on the prowl!  I found one little craft I am anxious to try out, it’s adorable and very soft on the wallet! The only materials needed are: Dollar store pumpkin(s), metallic paint, glitter paint, acrylic craft paint, sponge brush or paint brush, white spray paint (flat finish). Keep in mind that you don’t always have to follow a tutorial step by step, example: If the tutorial calls for white paint for your Mason jar project, you paint that Mason jar what ever color your little heart desires.
We only get one shot at life, be unique not trite. The objective of this project is to ‘Glamorize‘ pumpkins, and you are in complete control of it, so be creative! To paint or not to paint, glitter or not to glitter, glue or not to glue…..decisions, decisions. It’s all about opening your mind to new things,  unfamiliar things, that alone sounds frightening right? Don’t hold back, jump in hands-on, a smile on your face, and tenacity in your heart….there will be nothing stopping you. Stay positive and have fun.
Image By: Monica @


 Cute….Am I right?



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