Discovering Serenity

The moment you see something that is absolutely captivating, never let it escape your mind. Make it a place of tranquility.

Image by: Whitni McComas

Tattered and torn, she lay there, paralysed in sorrow.

Mentally disoriented ….”I pray for a better tomorrow!”, she cries.

Mistaken for a fool once more, she repeatedly reprimands her naive heart.

Over analyzing swiftly leads to hysteria. Tears collapsing from her eyes, not even seconds apart. 

Gazing at the sunlight diminishing at a rapid pace, “a new days to come”, she says. Forcing a half-smile on her face.

Picking herself up off the ground, she halts. The surroundings were of an unfamiliarity to her.

Had she not taken time out to observe nature and all its beauty? “All of this is a blur”, she says.

Feeling a sense of shamefulness for not realizing the delicacy that situates before her.

To live life is to live within each moment. Not consistently  contemplating over life’s obligations.

Gather up a pile of all your troubled thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Now, erase them.

Have faith that no matter what curves in your direction, the tortile
path is in your presence for a reason.

Find peace with all obstacles. You must have a location of tranquility , a place you can truly confide in.

A shattered soul can be restored with time and patience. Be gentle on yourself, time isn’t always of the essence.















5 thoughts on “Discovering Serenity

      1. I should have specified, I am new to expanding my personal space. You know, letting my work be seen my other writers. I got interested in blogging a while back and just didn’t know where to begin. I love to write! It’s such a pleasure meeting others that are just as enthusiastic. 😊

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