Daily Prompt: Obvious

The obvious had been stated. He didn’t even try to sugar coat it. With a disdained look he says, “I don’t love you”.

I stood there, frozen, as if I were a tree held down by my roots. The sad thing is…… I already knew.

The late nights, the money, the distance that grew between us. I refused my urge to scold or demean him. It was obvious, therefore, I didn’t make a fuss.

“With each choice comes consequence”. He looked at me puzzled. ” That doesn’t even make sense!”, he said.

It made sense, he just wasn’t an articulate being.  I don’t believe he had a conscious either, at least not one I could see.

This was bound to happen, these past few months told me so. I can not say that I am deeply saddened.

Some individuals have no sympathy, unless for themselves. I salute his brutal honesty. He showed me exactly the kind of person I never want to be.



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