The Women

Trapped souls are all around us. Can you hear their cries?


This house was breathtaking at first glance. Beautiful hard wood floors, spiral staircase, stainless steel appliances the previous owners had left behind, and a 225 foot kitchen…perfection. The backyard was the kicker though, stunning view of the lake and plenty of room for picnics and parties. We got the house for half the asking price which I thought was extremely odd considering it was a 4 bedroom, 3 bath, plus the scenery. I was tickled pink! We moved in quite quickly as we were eager to start our new lives in this dream home.

My husband, a couple of nights a week, would have to work late hours, and Monday was one of them. I told him that I would like to paint the upstairs bathroom, it was what I called vomit green, you get it. After I got back from the store I immediately wanted to start. I mixed my paint up, which was a lovely tan in color, got my fresh new roller out and paint brush, I was ready! I was in about 30 minutes of painting, just about had one wall complete, when I heard a bang. Not bang like a gun but like  two pans being clashed against each other. I froze for a moment then proceeded down the stairs carrying my paint roller, like that was going to scare a robber off, as if. I got to end of the stairs and heard the clashing again, I became scared out of my damn mind and went to pull my phone out of my pocket, wasn’t there. I had left it upstairs in the bathroom on charge while I painted. I said screw it, pulled up my fighting britches, and walked into the kitchen.

    I looked around, didn’t see anything until I walked around the counter. There sat two of my skillets, which I had already put away the first day we moved in. I hollered, “Joshua!?”, no answer. I told him about the incident when he came home that night. He told me it was all in my head, that I didn’t need to paint anymore because the fumes were causing delirium. Whatever! I get up the next morning and make a pot of coffee to prepare for the day. As I enter the kitchen, I hear a creaking sound coming from the behind the  basement door. I thought to myself, it’s an older house so odd noises are expected. I still felt a sense of uneasiness so I decided to check it out. I slowly creep to the basement entrance, grab the door knob, breathing heavily, I open it. All the sudden the noise just stops, complete silence. I feel a sense of coldness come over me, as if  someone was watching me. I turned around quite quickly and catch a glimpse of what I thought was a women. 

It took me a minute to process what I saw, what I had heard. She disappeared immediately after our eyes locked. What the hell was going on? Why in the world hadn’t Joshua been a witness to any of this? Why Me? I knew I had seen a ghost and I think my immense fear was not knowing if it is was a good spirit or bad spirit. What was she doing here and what did she want from me? I decided not tell my husband about it, instead I called for a local priest to come out and perform a Christian Blessing. He went around to each room sprinkling holy water and reciting scripts from the Bible. As he entered the kitchen he froze, looked at me and said, “She is trapped here, oh what a sad soul, bless you!” I felt goose bumps travel across my body and with a tremble in my tone ,I said, “It’s her isn’t it, the women?” He looked at me with tears in his eyes and gave me a nod, “Yes”, he said. I asked him why she was trapped here, what happened to her, and how to free her from this home. He sat down with me, grabbed my hand and said, “I would like to communicate with this tattered soul if you will allow it.” He went on to address that for some reason this spirit is calling out to me and I needed to answer. Uh what? I had never dealt with a spirit before and this priest expects me to welcome it with open arms? Seriously? I felt that he knew better than me so I agreed to the welcoming.

He started rehearsing scripts as he did during the blessing and asked me to take his hand. He felt where the soul was reaching out to me that we could have a stronger connection as one vs two. He asked the soul why she was here and we received no answer. He said, ” Maybe she will connect with you, she is too frightened to talk to me.” I agreed and stated , “Please, we just want to free your soul. I know you’re scared, we just want to help you, please…let us help you.” Out of no where, there sat a white rose. It was as beautiful as white roses are, I reached to pick it up and as I did I see a red substance drip onto one of the petals. I immediately looked up assuming there was a leak in the roof, no leak. I glance back down at the flower as more drops appear and in tiny print I read, “R”. What did ‘R’mean? I speak aloud, “I don’t understand, I need you to open up to me more, let me in please. What does ‘R’ mean?” More drops appear, I sat there, trying to be patient. She spelled ‘Rob’…so I asked her if Rob was a person. Suddenly, we hear a loud clatter in the kitchen and we hurry in to see what it was. Knives, knives, and more knives, they were everywhere! Most of them were scattered amongst the floor and counter, but one, in particular, stood out. The basement door had been stabbed with a butcher knife. A red substance appeared on the handle and blade, the same substance as that on the rose. As I look closely I realize the red substance is blood, but what happened next floored me. I watched as the word, “Answer”, appeared on the handle, written in blood. I looked at the priest and he points to the basement  and says, “We need to go into the basement.” I had a feeling this would be his suggestion, I had no desire to go down there considering the circumstances but I knew I had to.

The basement was a creepy as they get, no exaggeration what so ever. I felt so uneasy as we walked on the creepy floorboards that made up the steps. I regretted ever placing my feet into this home, I wanted so far away from this place at this point. As we reach the bottom, we begin to look around for anything that stands out to us. There wasn’t much to the basement because we had just recently moved in and had not had the time to fool with it. I did, however, have a washer and dryer and we also used the area for storage space. The priest and I begin to search around for any clues that would help us figure out what this women wanted us to know. I hear a, “knock, knock”, we both quickly turn around as it startled us. “I think it came from behind the wall’, I said. I crept over placing my hand on the wall and as I did something unforgettable happened. I am standing in what appeared to be my kitchen but set back in the 1920s. Hotpoint automatic electric range, a beautiful breakfast nook that faced the lake, a Corwith sink, and a beautiful flower pattern area rug that covered most of the flooring. In front of the sink stood a man in a business suit and a women in a plain white dress with finger waves throughout her hair. I noticed they were arguing, the mans voice became intense quickly and I heard him say,”You’re nothing more than a whore and that’s all you’ll ever amount to!” I saw the women turn around as if she were looking right at me, tears were rolling down her cheek. He aggressively grabs her by the face and says in a hateful manner, “You think I am stupid, you wanted him didn’t you? You had to wear that dress, you practically threw yourself at him!” He removed his hands from her face and she says to him in a worried tone, ” I have no attraction to your brother, I wouldn’t not lie to you Rob. I love you with my heart!”  He then slaps her across the face and she falls to the floor in tears. “You sicken me Rose…..I will make sure no other man becomes a victim of your  vicious trap.” He then grabs poor Rose by the hair and forces her into the basement.

I was pleading with him not to hurt her, forgetting they could not hear me, it was 1920, I didn’t even exist yet. This is what she was wanting me to see, but I didn’t want to see it. I knew what was to become of Rose and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. Rob pushed her as he reached the three final basement steps. I stood there, directly behind them, feeling so helpless. He grabbed Rose by the face once more and said, “May God save your poor  soul”, as he picks up the ax laying directly behind him. “Rose screams in terror, “No!!!!!!!!!!” I watched as he hit her four times directing on the top of her skull. I had never been a witness to murder, I was frozen in fear.  I felt a hand touch my shoulder and I jump and scream in terror. It was the priest, he had been by my side throughout this entire experience, but was unable to see what I saw. I turned to him quickly with tears in my eyes and shakiness in my voice.  “He killed her.” Something forced my hand back onto the wall and I am back in 1920, watching as Rob blocks Roses’ body behind the wall of the basement. I felt as if I could vomit at this point, he was truly sick, pure evil. I am suddenly back in the basement with the priest once more, he says to me “Dear Heavens child, are you okay? Something had a hold of you!” I told him everything and insisted on tearing the wall down and giving Rose a proper burial.

I told Joshua everything as well, he was hysterical. I believe more than I was and I had physically experienced it! We tore down the wall and there lay Rose and the tarp Rob had wrapped her in. The police were notified before hand, as they considering this to be a “cold case.” They took Roses’ remains and notified her relatives. From there, Rose received the burial she  deserved, she was finally at peace. We eventually boarded up the basement due to the unfortunate  circumstances. It’s a shame that it took so many years to seek justice for this women and that Rob got away with her murder. She did not seek revenge, all she wanted was to be heard and she confided in me. Joshua and I still live in this house, in spite of all that has occurred. I haven’t seen Rose since the day I witnessed her murder but I always feel Her presence. As if she is walking amongst me, I feel warmth and happiness cascading over me each and everyday. I know it’s Rose, she is my protector, guardian angel if you will. I will never forget her, she will always be with me in spirit and light.

                          The End



Photo Challenge: Frame




The placement of this pebble looks awful familiar doesn’t it? Have you ever felt like you’ll never reach the top, that you’ll always be burning  your wheels off for nothing? I would almost bet if you constantly feed that kind of negativity to yourself, you won’t succeed. If you are that one pebble, the one that has been kicked around and overlooked, remember, you are in control of your life.

You will remain small and unnoticed if you choose to give up. Don’t cave into negative people and their opinions, don’t influence yourself to quit either. You will reach the top with time, but you got to have a little faith in yourself. There will probably be some hurdles to jump over, maybe some hoops to jump through, but the view is worth the climb.

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Slap of Inspiration


I live by being me

Don’t you see?

Life isn’t about replacing roles

It’s about creating goals

Do what inspires you 

Just be you!

Are you trying to reach the prize?

No one can earn it for you

Open your eyes!

Get off your rear

This is your time

Get your brain in gear

We aren’t immortal 

Right now, minutes are passing

Life isn’t everlasting

Are you waiting for your moment?

Only you can own it!

What, you’re afraid to descend?

Get over it my friend

You want to succeed

Without the bleed?

We all fall before we fly

That’s how we’re taught the lessons of life

Open your manual and get with the program

Remember….Only you can

Do what you do

Just be you












































Daily Prompt: Obvious

The obvious had been stated. He didn’t even try to sugar coat it. With a disdained look he says, “I don’t love you”.

I stood there, frozen, as if I were a tree held down by my roots. The sad thing is…… I already knew.

The late nights, the money, the distance that grew between us. I refused my urge to scold or demean him. It was obvious, therefore, I didn’t make a fuss.

“With each choice comes consequence”. He looked at me puzzled. ” That doesn’t even make sense!”, he said.

It made sense, he just wasn’t an articulate being.  I don’t believe he had a conscious either, at least not one I could see.

This was bound to happen, these past few months told me so. I can not say that I am deeply saddened.

Some individuals have no sympathy, unless for themselves. I salute his brutal honesty. He showed me exactly the kind of person I never want to be.



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Discovering Serenity

The moment you see something that is absolutely captivating, never let it escape your mind. Make it a place of tranquility.

Image by: Whitni McComas

Tattered and torn, she lay there, paralysed in sorrow.

Mentally disoriented ….”I pray for a better tomorrow!”, she cries.

Mistaken for a fool once more, she repeatedly reprimands her naive heart.

Over analyzing swiftly leads to hysteria. Tears collapsing from her eyes, not even seconds apart. 

Gazing at the sunlight diminishing at a rapid pace, “a new days to come”, she says. Forcing a half-smile on her face.

Picking herself up off the ground, she halts. The surroundings were of an unfamiliarity to her.

Had she not taken time out to observe nature and all its beauty? “All of this is a blur”, she says.

Feeling a sense of shamefulness for not realizing the delicacy that situates before her.

To live life is to live within each moment. Not consistently  contemplating over life’s obligations.

Gather up a pile of all your troubled thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Now, erase them.

Have faith that no matter what curves in your direction, the tortile
path is in your presence for a reason.

Find peace with all obstacles. You must have a location of tranquility , a place you can truly confide in.

A shattered soul can be restored with time and patience. Be gentle on yourself, time isn’t always of the essence.















The Lost Child

I wouldn’t wish this pain on my worst enemy. I kept telling myself, “wake up, it’s just a nightmare, wake up!!!” Sadly, I was not sleeping, this was actually happening.



As days passed by, I eventually became a week late. I repeatedly told myself I was not pregnant. I transformed into a complete nut the week before my confirmation  at the doctors visit. My browsing history was full of pregnancy and ovulation sites! My nerves were shot, reloaded, and shot again.

The doctor confirmed I was pregnant, six weeks , if I recall correctly. It was a good thing  I was sitting down because I felt like fainting. I told my husband when he came home that night, he was in shock as well. We were both scared straight as we were not in the best shape, financially. I forced positive thoughts and told myself we would be fine.

Weeks turned into months and eventually I had reached the Second Trimester! The First Trimester was not cake by no means, my body refused food. The sickness subsided after the 12th week and I was so happy! I woke up on Friday morning to blood in my undies and mild cramping. I had phoned the doctor and he stated that it was normal to spot and due to the cervix preparing for delivery.

I continued to spot and cramp the entire weekend so I went to see my OBGYN Monday morning. The babies heart beat was 154, “completely normal”, the doctor said to me. I felt a sense of peace but a sense of dread at the same time. Call it mothers intuition, but I knew something wasn’t right. The next morning I awoke around 5am and poured my morning cup of coffee as usual. I sat back down on the couch for a minute to watch the news and my husband was getting ready to leave for work.

I stood up to go to the bathroom and I felt a “pop”, then a warm gush trickle down my leg.  I looked at my husband frantically and said, “Oh my God, I think my water broke!” Adam, my husband, looked at me as if I were crazy and I know exactly why. I was only 15 weeks, 6 days pregnant and the rupturing of membranes does not occur until delivery, at least that’s how it’s supposed to go. My husband insisted he had to go or he would be late for work, I was livid with him.

I thought to myself, how dare he leave me in this time of need? Why in the hell is he not placing his wife and unborn child above all other priorities? Family is supposed to come first, right? I brushed the anger of my shoulder and immediately phoned the doctor on call. Luckily, it was my OBGYN that I spoke with and he suggested I come in at 9am when the office opened. I don’t think he believed me, as if I were overreacting or it could have been the fact that PROM ( premature rupture of membranes) is uncommon during the Second Trimester.

According to the specialists at UCDMC, only a small percentage of pregnancies end in second trimester miscarriages, I am talking 2 to 3 percent small. Anyways, I did not make it to the doctor at 9am that day due because  I delivered my baby in the bathroom of my home. It was an hour after I lost my fluid and I felt pain begin to radiate through my ‘lady parts’. I went to the bathroom thinking maybe I had to pee, possible UTI. As I pushed a little to pee I felt something start to squirm out of me, I was terrified to look down.

When I built up the courage to, I couldn’t even process what I was seeing. A head about the size of my index and middle finger in width, little eyes, ears, and nose. I called my mother immediately in panic, “Mom please help, the baby is falling out of me, please help me!” She works at one of the local hospitals, night shift, and had an hour left to go. She did not hesitate one bit, she left immediately to be by my side.

I continued to pass the rest of my baby, meantime my other two children were wide awake watching Spongebob. Eli, my oldest, came to the door several times curious as to why I hadn’t come out of the bathroom. I told him to watch tv and to get him and his little brother a snack from the kitchen. I played it off like I had an enormous belly ache from dinner the night before  so I wouldn’t terrify him. My mother finally arrived and the ambulance about 20 minutes after she had.

At that point the cord was still attached, I sat there gazing upon this child, my child. He was completely formed, all body parts in tact. I didn’t need an ultrasound to tell me the sex, you could clearly see he was a boy. I lost,what would have been, my third son. I was taken to the hospital where I there, passed the placenta.

I was able to hold him in my arms, the nurse was kind enough to swaddle him in a yellow crocheted baby blanket. He fit perfectly in my hand and he had what appeared to be a smile on his face. He just looked so peaceful and I was anything but at peace, I was in pieces instead. My heart was ripped out and torn into a million shreds of devastation. My mother and father purchused the casket, which was the size of a shoe box, maybe smaller. My grandmother owns a few grave plots where her mother and father are buried, so we had a plot given to us.

We were so grateful to have been able to give him a proper burial ,as oppose to tagging him  as ‘medical waste’ and deposing his body. The day I laid JonLuke Sawyer to rest, was the absolute worst. It’s hard letting go of something you don’t understand. I was never given a reason as to why I lost JonLuke,  the doctor couldn’t find one at least. He said the baby and I were  seemingly healthy and that if I would like to conceive again I could do so. I definitely did not want to try again after going through what I did.

It’s been over a year now and not a day passes I don’t think about that little guy. I wonder what color his hair would have been, his eyes , his complexion, and sweet personality. JonLuke may have been laid to rest, but he is alive and with me everyday. There will always be a place in my heart for you, sweet child. In spirit you live, walking amongst me everyday. Although I can not lay my eyes upon you or place my arms around you, I feel your presence. You will forever live within me, a piece of my heart will forever be yours. 

In Loving Memory: JonLuke Sawyer McComas, May 19th, 2015







Do It Yourself

I am going to get straight to the chase with you. I want to know if you have ever spent way too much on home decor? You realize your house isn’t as appealing as you would prefer, so you hit up the primitive shop down the road. You only planned on spending 50.00 and end up blowing 200.00. Yikes, sorry wallet! I am here to tell you that throwing this kind of cash at home decorating is simply not necessary. If you have an eye for detail or are willing to obtain one with some effort, you can create your own crafts. You will be amazed at how much you would be saving vs. purchasing  pre-made.
Sometimes I will take a stroll down the craft aisle and glance at the latest trends. I love to be inspired by others, therefore, I am always on the prowl!  I found one little craft I am anxious to try out, it’s adorable and very soft on the wallet! The only materials needed are: Dollar store pumpkin(s), metallic paint, glitter paint, acrylic craft paint, sponge brush or paint brush, white spray paint (flat finish). Keep in mind that you don’t always have to follow a tutorial step by step, example: If the tutorial calls for white paint for your Mason jar project, you paint that Mason jar what ever color your little heart desires.
We only get one shot at life, be unique not trite. The objective of this project is to ‘Glamorize‘ pumpkins, and you are in complete control of it, so be creative! To paint or not to paint, glitter or not to glitter, glue or not to glue…..decisions, decisions. It’s all about opening your mind to new things,  unfamiliar things, that alone sounds frightening right? Don’t hold back, jump in hands-on, a smile on your face, and tenacity in your heart….there will be nothing stopping you. Stay positive and have fun.
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 Cute….Am I right?